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Dear Parents,

Welcome to our school’s website.  We hope that here you will find the information you are looking for in seeking the best education provision for your child.


Ying Hua Bilingual Nursery School is a Montessori-based school which offers an innovative model of education aimed at preparing our children for a future in the global world.  The model is based on over fifty years of research and development in bilingualism and immersion bilingual education.  Our provision not only draws on what we know from best practice in bilingual immersion education in countries where this has been tried and tested for over fifty years, but also from best practice in early years education in this country.   It is a unique blend of Chinese and British cultures and values, reflecting the cultural heritages of the languages of the school, and promoting an ethos of hard work, resilience, and respect.


Our approach to education aims to establish a firm foundation in bilingual development in English and Mandarin.  Our curriculum aims not only to provide an academically rigorous learning experience, but also to meet the needs of the whole child, to develop their strengths and potential, and to foster a love of learning from an early age.  From this early bilingual foundation, children will gain a head start in developing an internationally minded outlook, a flexible mind and approach to life that will better prepare them to meet the challenges and demands of a fast-changing and increasingly global world. 


We take pride in being the few nursery schools in this country to spearhead a truly bilingual education provision that is long overdue. We are committed to working in partnership with parents and welcome requests for further information.


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Amy Thompson



  • 75% Mandarin and 25% English for 2 years old children

  • 50%-50% English and Mandarin for 3-5 years old children

  • Mandarin Language immerse environment

  • 2 mother tongue in both English and Mandarin

  • Professional Native Chinese teachers with minimum Bachelor Degree

  • Teachers have high expectation for children's engagement and behaviour management

  • Adults encourage children express themselves with confidence and learn independently


•Ying Hua is the first school in the UK which provides 75% Mandarin Immersion to children.

•All our teachers are professional Mandarin teachers with British School teaching experience. We have 1 teacher 1 language policy.

•We use Singapore Maths books and Shanghai teaching methods to build up mathematical thinking and the ability to solve maths problem.

•We are not just teaching the Chinese language. The students will also have a thorough understanding of Chinese culture.​

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                                Why Learn Mandarin?

  • China is one of the world’s oldest and richest continuous cultures - being over 5000 years old.


  • One fifth of the planet's population speaks Chinese.
    Mandarin Chinese is the mother tongue  of over  873 million people, making it the most widely spoken first language in the world. 


  • Chinese has a relatively uncomplicated grammar system. Unlike French, German and English, Chinese has no subject/verb agreement, no plurals, no conjugations and no tenses. It has a simple numbering system which is applied to date and time expressions, simple conditional sentences and simple prepositions. 


  • VAST career and business opportunities internationally for Chinese speaking professionals.

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